Rhythmic Brains Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance Performance in Atlanta

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News: Elena is a US National Senior Team member. Nancy is a National Judge. Shino is the GA State Chair.

Rhythmic Brains is a collaborative team that provides conditioning and instructions to high-level gymnasts and dancers for their rhythmic gymnastics and performance.  We provide rhythmic gymnastics training for Elena, the US National Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior Olympics (Level 6) and Georgia State & Regional Champion and JO National Silver Medalist (Level 8). Elena has advanced to Level 10 in 2013 and is the Regional Champion in 2014 and 2015.  In 2015, Elena made the US National Team. For high-level ballet/dance performance, we provide flexibility and conditioning instructions. We also offer private lessons to competitive rhythmic gymnasts.



Rhythmic Brains offers regular and private lessons in Suwanee and Duluth for recreational and competitive gymnasts, ballet and other dancers, and cheer leaders in Greater Atlanta.  Please contact us individually or as a dance studio or team if interested in improving performance. New rhythmic gymnastics students are accepted any time at Ultimate Rhythmic Gymnastics in Duluth. Depending on the quality and potentials of gymnasts, we may arrange the lesson contents and schedules flexibly.

The keyword of the team is Brain. "Use your brain" for efficient training, and "Ask for people's brains" for more improvements!

Rhythmic Brains is directed by an Exercise Scientist (PhD) and uses the current knowledge in Exercise Science, emphasizing neural activity for skill improvements.  Rhythmic Brains likes to incorporate inputs from various people (brains) ranging from rhythmic gymnastics experts to YouTube audience.

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